Congratulations on your new (soon to be) bundle of joy!

Being a parent is scary, and has so many unknowns – I would know first hand! By creating our parental benefits we are hoping that rent and your studio is one less thing you have to worry about. Our Parental Leave Benefits Program was created to fill a gap in the industry.

Traditionally, we are forced to choose between family and our business. I just didn’t feel this was right – and I truly believe you can be both, do both, and successfully too. But as the saying goes – it takes a village. So we are here to be that village.

Below you will find the options and details available to you. When you are ready, simply let us know when you would like to begin. And don’t worry, if you change your mind later down the road and want to choose another date you are able to.

That’s the thing about babies – there is just so much unknown. So we wanted to give you some ease and peace of mind when going through such an incredible transition. We so look forward to meeting your new baby & can’t wait to add them to our little family.


xo Anita & Matt Wozniak

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